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Artistic agency
bellamaya.cz Ltd.

Activities in culture
the agency represents classical musicians:
Dagmar Pecková, Ivan Kusnjer, Roman Janál

the agency organizes regular concerts of Dagmar Pecková and other artists
(such as Gabriela Demeterová)

the agency organizes concerts for organizations and institutions
(such as Supraphon, VISION 97 Foundation)

the agency organizes social events and presentations (KLM airlines, SAP, Phillip Morris)

publishing activities
co-producing with Supraphon recordings of Dagmar Pecková
(Arias - Carmen, German authors, Song cycles by Antonín Dvořák,
Songs by Richard Wagner and others)

production of audio-visual programmes
co-operation with Czech TV on projects thematically connected with opera
cycle Talking About Opera (maker and co-producer)
cycle Paths to Opera (maker and co-producer)
cycle Europeans (maker) - interviews with personalities of European culture

bellamaya.cz Ltd.

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